Sunday, 14 April 2013

I want a pony! (when I'm retired)

I've been obsessing over horses for the past few months. Whilst I have horse ridden previously on several occasions and was totally disappointed I didn't get any equestrian tickets at the Olympics last year, it wasn't until I found an equestrian course on Groupon which covered stable management as well as the riding aspect that it suddenly opened my eyes up to a wonderful of horsey goodness. Accessibility is a bit deal - there are stables scattered around seemingly at every corner of Greater London, many of which you can get to by tube (that being said they are all a pain to get to when you live in zone 1), whereas in Sydney there are only the a small cluster in Centennial Park and that's about it ... unless you want to fight traffic for >1hr up to somewhere like Dural.

I've gone to a few riding lessons whilst in Toronto just to keep it up and since here everything is BYO, I bought a helmet and boots / chaps. Then Jeaneva (who shares the arena with us during my riding class) told me that Greenhawks is near our house so I went for a looksie and bought my first pair of jodhpurs! Unfortunately unlike learning music you can't really practise at home, so lessons it is ... here's a picture of Billy who was assigned to me. He was definitely an excitable jumpy fellow rather than a leisurely school horse that didn't want to move...

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