Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Jewellery Roll project

I made this awhile back sometime last year when I first bought my sewing machine. It was a simple yet effective project that taught me the basics of zips etc. (needless to say dressmaking is significantly more challenging...) and used up spare fat quarters from John Lewis that I bought on a whim without realising at the time what a fat quarter was actually for. It was probably the only time I pinned and measured super carefully since I was so new to sewing at the time and I think it was worth the effort.

Best of all, its functional! I like it a lot for when we used to do a lot of travelling. Sadly, we have not been anywhere much this year given we bought a house and adopted 2 dogs but it is a more than satisfactory substitute for being on the road exploring places all the time (though I still do love doing that).

Back to the sewing, I cannot remember where the pattern is from but thank you to whoever came up with it!

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